Panasonic TV s are extremely easy to setup and use. Some times when things go beyond your expectation, meaning if you are experiencing an issue with your Panasonic TV, We are one place for giving you quality, affordable service. We are pioneer in the field of Panasonic TV repairing in Kottayam.We provide door to door step service in LCD, LED, 3D Plasma Tvs spare parts, led panels and spares av.

If you own a Panasonic LCD TV and are experiencing problems with the device, follow the troubleshooting steps in our site and try to solve the issue,if these steps are not effective at solving the problem, give us an opportunity to serve you.Our highly experienced staff will offer you the best assistance with any issue you are facing. We as close as a click of the mouse.


Issues that are commonly seen with Panasonic TV

  1. We hereby list few common problems and how to fix them
    1. TV is not switching on fully dead
    • Check the power input lines, socket, remote etc. Check after a power reset.

    From our experience, 60% of this cases are due to faulty power supply which is external and easy to repair. In 35% cases it may be an issue with the mother board.

    1. TV turns on but no picture is seen
    • Here you can check the input of your TV. Check the remote for “input”/”source”/”TV/Video” button keep pressing the button for the correct input until you get the image in the screen. Recheck the cables in case it is again not working.
    1. Broken display
    • Check the connections and plug it correctly and ensure all connections are tight, and it is not weak signal from provider. If you are still facing issue it may be a physical damage to the panel.
    1. No display – sound is working
    • In this scenario you may notice there is no picture, weak picture or display with lines, whitish display, distorted pic, double image, display scrolling, display flickering, bars on TV are the common problem that appears in a television
    1. No sound or distorted sound –Display is working
    • This may be due to faulty speakers, missing audio input from signal source, sound amplifier issue.


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‏We are the leading Sony TV Service Centers in Kottayam. Our main motto is to provide customer satisfaction with excellent service in minimum time.

Understand most of the complaints related to the Panasonic TV are easily repairable. Our team will fix most of the issues without fully replacing the partswhereasauthorized service center may recommends a full replacement. Additionally we are providing service warranty in selective cases.

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