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Samsung is one of the world’s largest producers of electronic devices. It is known as the best in case of smartTV’s and LED TV’s. Samsung is best known for its large displays, higher reparability and cheaperprice. Samsung TVs are available for basically every price point if you are shopping on a budget you cannot find an option better than Samsung.  Samsung’s is best known for their innovation, cutting-edge technology (Best in class QLED displays with quantum-dot enhancement), deep smart home integration and world class designs.

At technofork, we go an extra mile to serve you. With the help of our website it is easier for you to trouble shoot your Samsung TV yourself or contact us in case you need expert advice. Our highly experienced staff will offer you the best assistance with any issue you are facing. Our call center department will provide you up-to date information on progress of all jobs and assistance on all aspects of servicing.

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How to get Samsung TV service center Technician for TV Repair Service?

Here in service centerkeralayou can book the service just with few mouse clicks. To get the TV repairor service  technician, you need to fill the given form along with your requirements. Based on your requirements, the experts would get in touch with you with the best offers so You can have a talk with the experts regarding the Samsung led tv service, LCD TV service,plasma ttv service what ever you require and also you can  negotiate for the service charges also. Based on the quotations, you can compare the charges and book the expert for the service for the desired date. All these steps are very easy and you can get Samsungtv service from your nearest location

The Samsungtv service center offers service for your led TV,lcd tv,plasma,oled etc technicians resolve a wide range of television related issues. They inspect the TV and fix the issues. The list of common TV repair issues as follows

  • TV is not turning on,or completely dead condition
  • Problem in remote, remote sensor etc
  • Display issues or Broken screen
  • Colour variations in tv
  • Abnormal picture or blurred picture
  • No signal issues like tv port problem likeHDMI,avport
  • Back light issues
  • Flickering or double image in picture
  • No sound picture is okay

Samsung  TV  Common Issues

These kind of problem can easily fix and these are mostly related with power supply or motherboard and input lines these can easily fix with the help of a qualified Samsungtv technician

Broken TV screen, blurry image, lines on the picture, double image problem, vertical and horizontal bars,flickering, no picture etc80% of these problems can easily fix t Therefore, it is essential to get the TV repaired timely that too from an experienced technician. Qualified and experienced professionals can inspect the issue easily and provide the appropriate solution

While watching your favorite tvshow or movie, if you are unable to see the clear images, there could be a problem. If the lines are appearing on the screen, you need to get in touch with a TV repair expert

Most common problem that we are facing with LCD, led tvs ,this is due to backlight inverter or CFL tube ,or back light led failure (in led tvs) these problems can easily rectify This type of issue can frustrate the viewer. It usually occur that when you turn on the TV, you get the sound but the screen is blank. The reason behind this problem could be damaged by inverters or led drivers ,a skilled and qualified TV repair expert can give the best solution to this problem.

In case your TV is not responding to the remote inputs, changing batteries can help you. Even after changing batteries, if TV is not responding then there is some issue in the TV remote or sensor . This problem can easily fix

Many people complain that their TV shut down itself after some time it restarts automatically main reasons are overheating software issues,ram issues ,program ic issues etc it can be a reason for shutting down the TV. In case you keep the room cool and still face this problem, you need an samsungtv expert

Due to an accident, mishandling,lack of care , if the screen of your TV is cracked Or broken The cracked screen might display vertical lines, horizontal bars, or spider web like image intermediate lines or abnormal images. To get this problem, you need the help of asamsungtv expert. The expert can rebound or replace your display

Most  time this happens that users try to switch on the TV but it does not turn on. Lack of power and burned fuses are common causes of this problem. sudden electric spikes can  cause damage to the components of TV. To know the real cause and get your TV fixed, you can hire a technician.

When you turn on the TV, the picture of the TV intermittently still or seems like freezing  the picturethese problems can Only fix by TV repair experts, minor fault in the display might be the reason behind this problem. You can call an  expert to resolve this issue.

Sound is not there picture is okay

When there is an issue with speakers,amplifier or firmware the sound system stops working if  the TV creates strange noisesor no sound these situations you can contact a samsungtv service support

Type of Service Approximate Service charge
Inspection Rs.150 to 200
Installation  Uninstallation Rs.750- 1,500
Led TV Repair Rs.200 – 750
LED/LCD/PlasmaTV,Qled, Oled Rs.750 – 1250
TV Wall Mounting Rs. 400-600
Board Repair Rs. 500 – 1000
Screen Replacement Rs: 700-1200
Samsung TV Service


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