Sony Bravia LED TV common fault and Remedies

Sony is a pioneer when it comes to present generation televisions like Smart TVs, SUHD TVs, OLED TVs, 4K TVs, Android TVs etc.  Sony 4K Ultra TVs are considered as most High-tech television as per the current market scenario. With amazing picture quality and future-proof technology, Sony is a brand loved by world wide. But sony products come with a high price tag, and Sony lives up to that reputation. Sony TV prices in India are bit higher as compared to other competitors, If you are looking for amazing picture quality and high-end services then sony is the best choice , Our website will help you to find what are the common problems that you are facing in sony TVs and how to diagnose a problem and find solution your self . Hopefully, now it will be an easy task for you to make a decision when your tv is not getting on or not delivering the rated services

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Sony TV  Common Issues

First you have to check your power socket is working or not ,for that you can find an another power point for your tv, check your power cables and adapter which is using to power up the thetv most probably the dead condition is due to faulty power adapters ,if the problem is persist after the previous procedure then you have to contact nearest sonytv service center

In this situation your tv is not receiving signals from the signal source like DVD,CDplayer,set top box, satellite receivers etc
Most probably this is due to the faulty signal source or cables connected to the sony television in this situation you have to check cables like hdmi,av,component, vga what ever you use to feed your television ,also check whether you are selected the right in put source in your tv set eg: in your tv you can see so many inputs like hdmi,av,componentetc if you are using hdmi 1 port to connect satellite receiver for program then you should select hdmi 1 on your tv using remote controller or source button on the tv set.
Again the problem persists there is a possibility of damaged input ports on your tv, if you did the above mentioned procedures again complaint persists you can contact sonytv service center

1,Normally sonytv has multiple input sources if your current port is not working you can switch one port to another
Eg : if you using hdmi 1 port which is not working you can use port 2

Above mentioned complaints you can rectify your self I will explain some other complaints which suggest bysonyled tv service center diagnose itself and tell us by blink codes
These blink codes are applicable for almost all sony led tv and sony smart tv especially
KLV-28R412B,KLV-32R412B,KDL-32R430B KLV-40R472B,KDL-40RM10B,KLV-48R472B
KLV-32R422B,KDL-32R433B,KLV-40R482B KDL-48R470B,KLV-32R426B KDL-32R435B KDL-40R450B,KDL-48R473B,KLV-32R482B KDL-32R482B,KDL-32RM5B,KDL-40R453B, KDL40R453B,KDL-48R475B 48R475B,
KDL-32R413B,KDL-40R470B KDL-48R485B
KDL-32R415B,KDL-40R473B,KDL-32R420B KDL-40R475B,KDL-32R423B KDL-40R477B
KDL-32R424B,KDL-40R478B,KDL-32R425B KDL-40R480B,KDL 32R42 B,KDL 40R483B
KDL-40R483B KDL-32R428B,KDL-40R485B

(Red led blinking)

2blinks main power or adapter error
3blinks audio error from speaker to mother board audio ic and related components
4blinks panel power error 12 v missing on panel or short circuited panel components
5blinks panel i2c communication error lvds ,tcon error
6blinks related back light error,or backlight driver error

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