Sony is one of the oldest and most technologically advanced brand when it comes to television, gaming and network services. The brand always brings innovations in TVs, like introducing android OS which set a standard for other brands too. Sony has some of the best technologically advanced television like the smart TVs, UHD TVs, OLED TVs, 4K and 8K TVs with a multitude of features like razor sharp picture clarity and display technology. Sony Bravia 4K smart TV is one of the brightest TVs available with High Dynamic Range (HDR) with Dolby vision capabilities which let to experience true to life colours with eye popping details. Most of Sony’s high end TVs uses triluminos display that gives you an extensive colour palette and higher ranges of contrast and brightness which gives you a true to life picture that will be a delight to your eyes. The key features of the latest models include microphones for hands free smart assistant voice commands, built in smart android TV with Google assistant plus support for Alexa.


Issues that are commonly seen with Sony TV

TV turns on and off frequently

  1. First thing you can do is to make sure the AC power code is plugged into the back of the TV and the AC outlet firmly and properly.
  2. If you are using devices like power strips or surge suppressors to plug in the power code, remove them and plug the code directly to the AC outlet.
  3. If any of the power saving functions like stand by, sleep timer, idle TV or on timer is set, the TV may turn on or off when there no activity for a longer duration.
  4. If the problem persists, you can call the Sony TV service center for help.
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‏We are the leading Sony TV Service Centers in Kottayam. Our main motto is to provide customer satisfaction with excellent service in minimum time. Sony TV Service Center Kottayam provides service and repair of LED TV, LCD TV and Plasma TV. Our team of experienced and well trained staff troubleshoots the Sony TV issues and common mistakes faster and rectifies them within the given time. Our staffs are given timely trainings on the new products released in market to keep us up to date.

We pre-inform the customers about the time required in servicing the TV and also the repair status if required.  Once a service request is registered, we try to assign the technicians at the earliest and check for your convenient timing if it is for a door step service. We ensure ontime arrival of our professionals at your door steps for minimum inconvenience of customers. We also have only genuine repair charges for the services

Sony TV Common Issues

If the problem occurs in the menu screen, switch off the TV and unplug it for a few minutes and then restart it and check the status.

This could also happen due to various other issues like radio frequency interference from other devices, broadcast signal source, malfunctioning power strips or AC power outlet. Check all these factors and if these are not the concerning issues you will need professional help.

If your TV is 3D supporting model and you watch a non 3D program in 3D mode, the picture will appear to be double display. This can be resolved by turning off the 3D mode.

This means the TV is not receiving any signals from the peripheral devices. Check the cables of the device or devices connected and make sure they are plugged in properly. If the problem continues, there is a possibility that the input ports may be flawed. This will require a trained technician’s service that we provide at the Sony TV service center kottayam.

If the panel of the TV is damaged, you might need to replace the display of your screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to uninstall applications on the Android TV?

Get your remote and press the HOME button, from the Apps list you can select the Google play store. In Google play store go to My Apps and select the application that you want to uninstall and click UNINSTALL and OK.  Note that some of the pre installed apps cannot be uninstalled.

How to screen mirror on Sony TV

It is a very simple process and can be done using remote. Press INPUT button on the remote and select screen mirroring. Select OPTIONS and then select show device list/Delete.


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