A sony tv with fully dead in condition

Afully dead condition means there is no pilot led ,no indication, no and nothing is there when the tv is switching on,in this scenario you have to check your tv from power outlet socket ,power input lines, power switch etc .if your wall  power outlet socket ,power input line and switches are okay  then you have to call a sony service center expert for your assistance in 60% of dead condition due to faulty power supply some soy tvs are using external power supply so it help repair more easy   ,35% is due to mother board ,in this situation you have to contact sony service center  because there is no user serviceable part inside the tv.

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Sony lcd tv,led tv, smart tv whatever it be there is a display module called panel ,its very sensitive part of a television so there would be a possibility of of physical damage

If your sony led tv display appears to be be like a broken mirror or sound is there but at the same time there is no display and screen appears  like spider webIn this situation there is no other option other than replacing display

In this scenario you may notice that there is no picture ,weak picture ,display with lines ,whitish display, distortedpicture, double type image ,tv display up and down scrolling, display flickering ,bars appears on screen, these are the common problem that appears in a television

In this situation your sony  tv might have balck lighting issue, faulty tcon board ,faulty supply cofs,missing tcon voltage etc in these situation you have to contact nearest qualified  sony service center expert

This is most probably due to faulty back light, now a days backlight strips are available for replacing ,as earlier sonyservice center its self recommended to replace the display for the same ,another reason for weak picture is due faulty tcon board all these complaints can easily repair with the halp of a sony service center

Reason for lines that appears on the screen due to faulty gate or source drivers, abnormal voltages of t con board ,damaged panels ,inactive or dead  pixels, burned glass side etc most of these complaints can repair with out replacing led(Oled) (Qled0 or lcd display

Most probably this complaints is related with abnormal panel votage due to faulty tcon side, missing cof(gate drivers) voltages etcsome other old model sony  lcd tvs facing some issues with polarizer film attached  front and forth of the liquid crystal display ,whitish picture due to polarizer issues can easily fix by sticking new polarizer in to the display

This is due to abnormal t con voltages, faulty lvds or fpc cable, short-circuited glass side etci this situation you have to contact and   get support from sony service center

Sony TV Common Issues

This is due to faulty glass side contacts, or burned glass side ,short circuited gate diver ,most of these complaints we can easily rectify with the help of sony service technician without replacing display

This is most probably reason either software (firmware) or timing controller issue this is also easily repairable issue with the help of a qualified technician.

These are most probably due to faulty gate or source drivers(COF,COGetc)and also glass side short circuit  may be the another reason of  it .80 % gate driver issue and source issues can easily repair with the help of tab/cof  bonding machine , 50% glass inside short circuit can repair with the help of laser isolator machine

This is due to two or more reasons behind it ,one is faultyspeakers, missing audio in put from signal source, sound amplifier issue

Faulty speakers is the most common complaint in television, it can easily repair by replacing speakers

This may be faulty settings on tv,broken input Av, HDMI,optical,broken audio in put jack orother inputs broken port etc

All above mentioned complaints can easily be repair with the help of a qualified multiband service center,in most cases autherised service center only recommend fully replacement, but 90 % of the sony tv related problems can easily fix without fully replacement

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