Something about your Vu Tv bother you? Call us and we are a one-step solution for all your Tv related problems. Enjoy our door step TV repair service and make your life easy. We are specialized in LED, LCD, PLASATv repairs and wall mounting. Our specialized professionals will handle your equipment with special care and provide you quality service. Our satisfied customers will give you an understanding about who we are over internet. We are a mouse click away and we provide all repairs backed by guarantee. We don’t charge you high as all the problems related to Vu Tv are easily repairable without replacing the original parts. Our support team will update you the progress throughout the entire repairing process which will make the process easy and you don’t feel derailed from your world.


Installation & Uninstallation Service for Vu TVs

We will take care of mounting your TV, in case you realize that it would look much better mounted on the wall than keeping on the table. Enjoy our installation service at your convenient place with accurate mounting, Secure installation by concealing wires and unwanted things, Best viewing experience as per the industrial standards.

Vu TV Repair and Services

Contact us in case you want to service your TV on time by an expert at the comfort of your home. We offer you the best Vu TV service in Kottayam at affordable charges. Be it LCD, LED, CRT TV or Plasma TV we are there to serve you better.

From our website you can find a set of problems and their possible solutions. You can try fixing your TV by yourself or contact us if professional help is needed. Most of the times Problem may be due to other connected sources like DVD player, Set-top box or Power cable, Accessories etc. With the trouble shooting steps available in our website you can easily realize the issue your Vu TV is facing which may help you to sort out the problem.

tv Repair service

Here is a list of types of issues and possible reasons for it.

  1. TV not turning on or completely in dead condition.

Most probably power supply unit inside the TV has an issue. Try to reconnect the power socket and cables and restart the TV.

  1. Horizontal or vertical lines in the screen.

Probably due to low signal strength in the set-top box. Bad connection to the panel.

  1. No Signal notifications

such as like TV port problem, HDMI and AV port

  1. Not connecting to WIFI

Check the router, modem and TV

  1. Display issues or broken TV screen.

-May be physical damage. Contact us in case warranty is not applicable.

  1. Problem in remote or remote sensor
  • Switch off the power and unplug the TV. Restart it and check the problem.
  1. The TV screen is blank.

–  Either a CABLE BOX, SAT BOX, COAX CABLE, HDMI CABLE, ETC may not be working properly. Loose cables has to be fixed and try rebooting the TV.

  1. – Check the power cables and socket. Check the picture settings. Contact service in case it is a hardware problem.


  1. TV turns of frequently.


  • Some people forget that they set the “on/off” timer on the TV. Check the video circuit card and power supply unit.
  1. No sound or sound issues.
  • Recheck the audio settings whether speaker is on. Contact service if it is a hardware failure.
  1. Abnormal picture or blurred picture
  • Perform a power reset. Adjust picture settings like resolution and sharpness..It can be a signal issue most of the time.
  1. Back light issues
  • Check hardware for the issue. It is an easily repairable part of a TV.
  1. Flickering and double image.
  • Occurs normally due to a signal interference issue.


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